Thursday, April 23, 2009


Author: Andy McNab
Genre: War
Format: Softcover
Reviewed by: C

Book Overview:

Nick Stone, an ex- special forces soldier, is trying to flee from all the bad memories of a job that has cost him his closet friend.

In Melbourne, Australia, Nick meets Silke and falls in love. From there they travel to Switzerland to meet her stepfather, Stefan. After a terrible argument, Silke disappears without any reason.

Desperate to find Silke, Nick tracks her down to the heart of the Congo War. Nuka, a small village,is set close to a tin mine. The mad LRA rebels are closing in to take over the mine. This is where Nick finds Silke nursing the casualties of the war.

Time is running out for Nick to save his beloved, and he finds himself immersed in the dark and violent world he tried so hard to escape from. Nick stumbles upon a chilling conspiracy, the key to which he and Silke unknowingly hold the key.

C's Verdict:

This is a fast paced action book, which is very difficult to put down once you have started reading it. This truly surprised me as this kind of story is not something I usually read. At times I wished I could enter the story and shoot some of the characters myself.

Andy McNabb was awarded for his military carer when he left the S.A.S. in February 1993. This experience of his is what brings the credibility and reality to the book. He truly is an excellent storyteller.The message of the book will stay with you long after you have finished reading the book.

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