Saturday, April 18, 2009


Author: Clare Frances
Genre: Crime
Format: Soft Cover
Reviewed By: C

Book Overview:

Hugh Gwynne lives a rewarding life. He is a successful solicitor and happily married to Lizzy. They have adopted two wonderful children, Louw away on her gap year and Charlie completing college.

Hugh is finally going to court with the biggest case of his career. His client, Tom Deacon, is claiming damages against the driver of the car that injured him and killed his daughter. P.T.S disorder leads Tom to being jobless, divorced and without a proper relationship with his two remaining children. Tom thinks a settlement for compensation will help him to piece his life back together again.

An anonymous letter arrives and Hugh is faced with an ethical dilemma. The information contained in the letter could change the outcome of this case. Tom Deacon makes it loud and clear that he will never forgive Hugh if the content of the letter comes to light during the court proceedings.

Then one devastating night, all Hugh's hopes and dreams are shattered by a horrible event that takes a loved one away. Hugh gets carried along by his obsession with truth and justice, and like Tom, facing a lifetime with bittersweet memories.

C's Verdict:

I found the book a bit bland. It was enjoyable though, but definitely not one that I will read again. It felt to me as if the author was not too sure who the "baddie" should be, and by default choose one of the characters of the book, seemingly at random.

Clare Francis is a great author, but this book is not the best one of the lot.

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