Friday, June 12, 2009

The Historian

Author: Elizabeth Kostova
Genre: Mystery
Format: Softcover
Reviewed By: C

Book Overview:

Browsing the shelves of her father's library, a young women finds an envelope of yellowing papers. Knowing that she should not read her fathers private letters, she can't help reading the first paragraph of the topmost letter. Ominously addressed to "My Dear and unfortunate successor".

This plunges her into one of the darkest pathways of history. Frantically searching for her missing father whilst trying to decipher how all the secrets connect to her mothers mysterious fate.


Only read this book if you are drawn to the Gothic in fiction and are interested in Medieval European history and travelogue. This book is a work of art, thoroughly researched and beautifully captures wonderful archaic vampire lore.

I was captivated and thrilled in the skillful story telling as this historical mystery entertained me to the last page.

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